Mdantsane (N.U.1) S.D.A. Church: Prayer School 2013


Lesson 1 – Depression


Unpacking Depression



Depression is complex and people must understand the possible reasons before they can overcome it.


Depression can be caused by a combination of reasons such as:


Chemical Imbalance in the body. Medication is necessary to treat this.

Sin in a person’s life. The sin must be confessed and the depression will disappear once the person experiences forgiveness.

Negative Thoughts . A wrong thinking pattern about life can be reversed when a person starts thinking about life from God’s perspective.

Emotional Pain or Hurt . This could be due to feelings of rejection, humiliation and/or traumatic occurrences.


The process of elimination is usually the best way to start understanding the causes of the depression.


Praying according to the Word of God



We must always come to God on the basis of His Word and His Promises.


We must encourage people not to look at circumstances or rely on their feelings / emotions … because these things change. People must be encouraged to always look to God … because He never changes!


Scripture Guidelines for Prayer over Depression



Joshua 1:9


2Samuel 22:17


Psalm 16:11


Psalm 18:5-6


Psalm 27:1


Psalm 34:19


Psalm 42:5-6


Psalm 73:26


Psalm 116:3, 8


Psalm 119:50


Psalm 139:11-12


Psalm 147:3


Psalm 147:11


Ecclesiastes 9:4


Isaiah 40:31


Isaiah 41:10


Isaiah 49:15


Isaiah 50:10


Jeremiah 29:11


Lamentations 3:22-23


Matthew 5:4


John 10:10


Romans 8:28


Romans 15:13


2Corinthians 1:3-4


2Corinthians 4:8


2Corinthians 7:6


Philippians 1:6


Revelation 21:4


Bonus Feature

(Names of God the Father – Part 1)


Abba (Father or Daddy)


Adonai (God our Ruler)


Consuming Fire


Creator of Heaven and Earth


El Gibbor (Mighty God or Champion)


El Roi (God who sees)


El Shaddai (All Sufficient One or One who satisfies)


Elohim (One who reveals Himself as I AM)


Father of All Glory


Father of Compassion




Presented by: A. Ndlebe                      Date:  02 February 2013