Lesson 8 – Family and Friends





We pray for other people, including Family and Friends, because we know that God wants to save them (John 3:16).


We must pray for their Sinful Habits, Undesirable Behavior Patterns and Negative Influences in their lives.


If deemed necessary, through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pray and Fast for the person.


Do not dictate to God how He should save the person!


Basic Life Questions



It is important to pray for the Holy Spirit to put the "Basic Life Questions" in their hearts. Once people start asking these Basic Life Questions, it usually leads them to Jesus Christ.


The Basic Life Questions are as follows:


What is My Purpose in Life?

Who can I Trust?

Why do Bad Things happen to me?

How can I solve my Problems?

When will I get my Breakthrough?

Where do I go when I Die?


Scripture Readings



Psalm 139:7


Isaiah 55:6


Ezekiel 18:23


Ezekiel 36:26


Matthew 16:19


Luke 5:32


John 5:21


John 6:44


John 19:30


Romans 5:8


Romans 8:15


Romans 8:34


2Corinthians 4:13-14


2Corinthians 5:18-19


1Timothy 2:3-4


Hebrews 11:6


James 4:7-8


2Peter 3:9


Revelation 1:6


Revelation 14:13


Bonus Feature (Names of God the Son – Part 5)

81. Ransom


82. Redeemer


83. Resurrection and Life


84. Righteous Judge


85. Root of David


86. Saviour of the World


87. Seed of the Woman


88. Servant


89. Servant of the Sanctuary


90. Son of God


91. Son of Man


92. Source of Eternal Salvation


93. Spiritual Rock


94. Stone of Stumbling


95. Stone that was Rejected


96. Teacher


97. The One through Whom God Created


98. True Vine


99. Wisdom of God


100. Wonderful Counsellor


101. Word


102. Your Hope of Glory


Presented by:A. Ndlebe   Date: 20 April 2013