Marriage Tips (Part Two)

Activities Which Help In Marriage


  1. Do things together, work on the budget together and help in a practical way during the early days of the relationship.
  2. Read the Bible and Pray together – Husband and Wife should talk openly about individual spiritual problems.
  3. Go out to dine together.  The couple should be sure to take their annual vacation together and spend time socially together – Individual social and recreational life is good, but must be kept secondary.
  4. Always go to Church together.  Separate Church attendance always harms the spirit of unity and understanding in marriage, aside from the spiritual disintegration it causes.
  5. Do some worthwhile Christian Tasks together, such as a community mission project or helping some person in need.
  6. Make sacrifices for each other – This deepens any relationship.  Make these regularly and consistently.

Things That Can Threaten Romance After Marriage

  1. Time – e.g. Arrival of Babies
  2. Money – e.g. No Candle-lit Dinners or Travelling due to money being saved for Household Appliances such as Washing Machines.


Presented by:   A. Ndlebe                                                                                                            Date:     16 July 2011