Marriage Tips (Part Three)

Elements of a Happy Marriage

  • There are three main elements of a Happy Marriage:


  1. Passion and Affection – Displaying Affection in Public reassures the Wife of the Husband’s Pride in their relationship.  Happy Couples show Passion in Private, i.e. they care about pleasing each other.
  2. Quality Time Together – A wonderful result of spending quality time together is learning how to communicate successfully.  There are three weapons that kill communication, namely: Tears; Explosion; and Silence.
  3. Mutual Respect – Every Ship can only have one Captain!  Teams have Leaders or CaptainsBusinesses have ManagersSchools have PrincipalsFamilies have FathersWives have Husbands (Genesis 3:16; Ephesians 5: 22-24; 1Peter 3:1-2).

Wedding Preparations

  • A Wedding should be planned at least three months in advance!  The following is a simple Wedding Preparations Checklist:
  1. How much can you afford?
  2. Type of Wedding (White Wedding and/or Traditional)
  3. Venue and Date
  4. Guest List
  5. Decorations
  6. Photography and DVD/Video
  7. Wedding Attendants (Officiating Pastor; Programme Director; Speakers; Best Man; Matron of Honour; Bride’s Maids; Groom’s Men; Flower Girls; Page Boys; Ushers; Disc Jockey)
  8. Wedding Theme and Wedding Gown / Clothes (Colour and Patterns)
  9. Car Hire
  10. Make Up Artist and Hairdresser


  • Engagement and Wedding Rings are purely optional.


Presented by:   A. Ndlebe                                                                            Date:     08 October 2011