Lesson 4 – Sickness


General Principles

Firstly, it must be mentioned that sickness does not necessarily have anything to do with sin or demonic attacks. Sometimes God uses sickness to achieve His own purpose in a person’s life (John 9:2-3).

God does often use medicine and doctors to heal people. After all, God uses people to bless other people.

We must always ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance when we are praying for a sick person. For example, the sick person may have heart problems that are caused by being overweight and bad eating habits … in this particular case, it would be wise to pray for the sick person to have discipline and self control!

Whilst the Lord gave the Gift of Healing to some people, this does not mean that only those people may pray for the sick (Mark 16:17-18; James 5:14-16).

Methods of Healing

Laying of Hands


Anointing with Oil and Prayers of Faith


Intercessory Prayer


Doctors and Medicine


Individual Prayer for his / her own healing


Scripture for Prayer over Sickness

Exodus 15:26

Exodus 23:25

Psalm 103:3

Psalm 147:3

Proverbs 3:7-8

Isaiah 53:4-5

Matthew 4:23

Matthew 8:2-3

Matthew 8:16-17

Matthew 14:36

Matthew 15:25-28

Mark 5:25-29

Mark 7:32-35

Mark 8:25

Luke 4:18

Luke 7:7

Luke 14:2-4

Luke 22:50-51

John 4:46-50

Acts 3:6

Bonus Feature (Names of God the Son – Part 1)

1. Alpha and Omega


2. Amen


3. Angel of God


4. Anointed One


5. Apostle and High Priest


6. Arm of the Lord


7. Author and Finisher of our Faith


8. Beginning and End


9. Branch of David


10. Bread of Life


11. Bridegroom


12. Bright Morning Star


13. Captain of the Host of the Lord


14. Carpenter


15. Chosen / Chief Cornerstone


16. Christ All and in All


17. Christ Jesus


18. Christ the Lord


19. Christ the Power of God


20. Gate for the Sheep

Presented by: A. Ndlebe                  Date: 23 February 2013